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The History of The Sauce

Primarily marketed as a barbecue sauce but great on; BBQ Pork, Hash and Rice, Grilled Chicken, Steak, Boiled shrimp, Meat Loaf, Pork Chops and so much more. Great as a marinade too!

As a child, I remember my dad pulling out the big pot and pouring in all the ingredients, filling our home with that awesome aroma. After making The Sauce, we would fill ketchup bottles, remove the label, and then take a sharpie and write “Sauce” on it. After the passing of my father in the late 80's, I, Donald Waters, continued the tradition of making The Sauce for our annual BBQ family reunions.

For several years, family and friends asked time and time again if I would sell or market The Sauce. At the family reunions, bottles would quickly disappear. Any extras were gladly taken by family and friends, which meant that there was hardly ever any of The Sauce left over for myself to take home. In 2016, I decided to fill a few bottles while my wife, Sarah, created the labels. We started giving away bottles of The Sauce to see what people would say and the response has been overwhelming. Our next step was to set up tent events around the local Aiken, SC area and give out free samples of The Sauce along with selling 16 fl oz bottles. Recently, I started working with Clemson University for the nutritional information and the shelf life study. This has helped continue building "The Sauce" into a real business.

This story is to be continued...

Now Available At These Retailers!

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Adams Nursery on Ellenton Street (Barnwell, South Carolina)
Woods Produce on Dougherty Road (Aiken, South Carolina)
Feaster's Foods on Marlboro Street (Aiken, South Carolina)
Plum Pudding on Lauren's Street (Aiken, South Carolina)
Auten's Restaurant (Aiken, South Carolina)
Fireplace Grills and More (Martinez, Georgia)
Four Oaks Farm on Highway 1 (Lexington, South Carolina)
The Arts and Heritage Center (North Augusta, South Carolina)
Aiken Dry Goods on Laurens Street (Aiken, South Carolina)

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1 Bottle $7.00 $6.50 $13.50
1 Bottle & Shirt $19.00 $6.50 $25.50
2 Bottles $14.00 $8.60 $22.60
3 to 6 Bottles $7.00/each $11.30 $32.30 to $54.30
1 Gallon $45.00 FREE $45.00
1 Case
(12 Bottles)
$84.00 FREE $84.00

Price List

16 fl oz per Single Bottle

128 fl oz per Gallon

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Only 20 Calories per 2 Tbsp.!

You Can Easily Reach Us By Using To Contact Form Below Or By Calling / Texting (803) 508-3275.

The Sauce Does Have A Bit Of Spice To It, But Not Over Powering. Even Those Who Do Not Enjoy Spicy Food Love The Sauce.

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"Should be called the awesome sauce!"

- Mark C.

"A sauce you can use on everything!"

- V. B.

"Absolutely delicious!"

- Christine S.

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